Saturday, July 15, 2017

Musical Mondays - Press On

Here is a different type of genre of music. Rap! In fact, I'm using this song for  an event I'm photographing as their theme is Phil 3:13 ~ Press On  If you want the song, they allow you to download it for free from their site at Time To Shine Music.

Have a great day and Press on In your addiction recovery.

Chorus: Press on, forgetting what lies behind I wanna lay hold of the upward call of God 
Press On, Press On, Press On, Press On 
Press on, forgetting what lies behind I wanna lay hold of the upward call of God 
Press On, Press On, Press On, to Jesus Christ 

A-Cee Verse: So low, I was going for the base things. God picked me up out of the dirt and showed me great things; Gospel of Christ the grace king, went from nothing to everything. I was singing His praises even though I can’t sing. Went from lifeless to being credited as righteous; now I write this, what I call a victory song. Coming so strong, spent so long living complacent; now the power I’m bringing is Jesus in my place man. Making haste man, don’t want to waste my life! I’m here for a minute and I’m a bring it for Christ! Livin’ it moment by moment and hoping in the atonement and even if they don’t want it I’m a spit it because He told me. Not the old me, this is the new me, the true me; made in His image, created fearfully truly. Set apart for a purpose, that’s higher than my self, it’s higher than my rights, it’s higher than my wealth; it’s the highest of highs, He lit a fire inside of me to bring praise to the glory of His grace in the Messiah. Steadily under attack by the liar but I’m packing heat; got crucifixion of Christ bearing my penalty. The resurrection of Christ, meaning death is defeated and the Word of God, by which Satan will be deleted; he’s no match for Christ in me see, when He’s coming on the clouds everything will be completed. Hallelujah! But until that day, while the sun is still shining, I’m a I’m a be making hay! God is shaping me into His image like a potter with clay and I’m hearing Him say “My grace is sufficient”. I’m needing Jesus Christ with nothing in addition. But one thing I do is keep my eyes off of the rear view, but I got em’ on the prize of the upward call of God; and press on, I press on! 

Sound Doctrine Verse: We pressing higher Messiah and now our spirits on fire/we living zealous and we jealous cuz he bled and he died uh/for the depraved in the grave living hopeless in shame/now we reaping and stepping for the knowledge of Jesus name/all to know Him, we counting it loss to daily show em/cuz yo we are the light of the world, we tryna glow em/ a fire in our bones/ Jeremiah, yeah you know/cant keep it inside, cuz our minds about to blow/so, we pressing pressing steady watching what we repping/and our boast in Christ, and its salvation that we getting/what’s the mark of the high call/yo it’s the glory of Christ shining bright when all the lights off/there aint nothing that is higher man/pressing for anything else will leave you living in the fire man/Ya little accolades and ya fame/we gotta lay them aside and live for the Name, ya heard/we wanna know Him both in power and suffering/its only by grace and thru faith that He is coming in/this is a race, better yet this a marathon/engine revving, room room, like a cheveron/ I mean a chevy yo, the matters heavy yo/we went from death to life and now we pressing for/the high call, going up but we stoop low/cuz its humility that we is truly suited fo’/ya know, we want the likeness of Christ/yall can have the low things like the likeness of Mike/we was made in His image, now im saved and envision/seeing face to face that He is risen yeah/im pressing on just to walk as he walked man/1 John 1:7 is a mark man/of my new life, and that I’m one of His/and I’ll steady be pressing until im getting Him