Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Living a "Faith Life"

Is faith a living reality in your life?
Faith becomes real when you feel that you are triumphant and completely in control of your own life through God's Holy Spirit, which resides in you and enables you to conquer all circumstances.

It is true that salvation is God's liberating deed of grace towards mankind. However, it does not release you from the responsibility to accept Him with both your spirit and your intellect.

Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.

Grace for each Moment

-- being in control of your life doesn't mean that you have recovery licked. I believe it means you take responsibility of your choices. We are all bound to make mistakes - and lots of them. But with faith we can truly believe that God is with us on our recovery journey and has plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not harm us. So celebrate your good choices but don't beat yourself up over your bad ones. Forgive yourself and move on. God doesn't keep score!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding Strength

Immediately after praying to God to save Israel, Isaiah described Israel's distress: the Asyrians rejected their petition for peace, Lebanon was destroyed, and the plains of Sharon resembled a wilderness.

Isaiah's trust in God never faltered, he believed God's promises that He would preserve Israel and deliver His people. Because of this Isaiah could pray with confidence, "Be our strength every morning,our salvation in times of distress. 

Like Isaiah, we can depend on God in times of distress and trouble. Call on Him in such times and feel the strength, that only can come from God, descend on you.

Oh Lord, be gracious to us; we long for You. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in times of distress. Isaiah 33:2

Grace for each Moment

-- the key here is believing God's promises. When we believe, we will feel his strength each morning. Today's devotion reminds me of a hymn. Great is thy faithfulness. Powerful lyrics. If you have a moment go visit and read them. Trust me - you will be blessed.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Conquering Depression

Depression and pessimism are ailments that can destroy a person's soul. Apart from the fact that depression is an illness of the mind, it also affects your physical and spiritual well-being, limits your vision of the future, and negatively influences your attitude towards life.

The only way to fight such an emotional disruption effectively is to turn to Christ and open yourself to His love and healing.

Place yourself unconditionally in His care. When Jesus guides you along the path you need to take through life, you will find that because of your obedience to Him, you will be filled with a sense of self-confidence and well-being that only he can give you.

For you who revere My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2

-- Depression. It's so hard. I know.  I have been there so many times.  For some it's something that just hits during a certain point in their lives and for others, like me, it's truly a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Regardless of the circumstance the world just seems dark. It seems like life is going to be so hard to deal with.  I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to go to work. I don't want the pain that is just searing through my body. I don't want to talk to anyone else. I just want to be left alone to my thoughts. Why did this happen? Why can't I just have that next hit? Why is everyone disappointed in me?  Why does my son have to have disabilities? Why can't God just wave a wand and make it all better?

The good news is that you can overcome depression. Life does throw us curveballs but we have the power to throw them right back! How?? With the power of Jesus Christ! Take the time to scour scripture to find those verses that tell you the truth. And when needed find a counselor for help or a trusted friend. And yes, there are times that you might need to go on a med for a time to help the brain clear up to be able to think straight.

I am living proof as a person who deals with severe depression each day that my God is with me and sustains me.  And he will you too!

Grace For each Moment

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Light On Your Way

When we look back along the road we have traveled, we tend to focus only on the negative things. Because the past had its share of problems, many people expect the same from the future.

But this is a negative way of looking at life. The prayers of your heart every day should be, "Lead me, O Light of the world!" Jesus Christ is still the Light of the world and He has promised that those who follow Him will never walk in darkness. Take His hand in faith and trust and experience Him as the light of your life.

God said , "Let there be light," and there was light. Genesis 1:3

-- It's so very hard to try and be positive in the midst of battling an addiction, but this is when we need to stay positive the most. Because of past behaviors it's very hard to trust ourselves to make the right choices for the future and we might even be very cynical that we can. But the great thing is that we don't have to be the one leading the charge. God does. We just need to follow Him. If I allow myself to make decisions through the lens of His redemption of me, I know I'll make better choices. Don't forget about all the tools that are available for you - He created those. Use them.  The Bible, 12 step meetings or Celebrate Recovery Meetings, accountability partners or sponsors, counselors, friends, Bible studies, devotions, prayer and yes, even aids like technology apps are all things available to you from Him to help you reframe your perspective on life.

Grace for Each Moment

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Comfort in My World

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law. Psalm 119:18

Disillusionment and dejection are common among people who have developed a negative outlook on life.

In order to live and not just merely exist, it is essential to nurture a positive attitude -- even when things are not going well. Your faith will need to be strong if you are to triumph over your problems with joy.

Scripture is filled with stories of how ordinary people, life you and me, overcame hostile forces in the name of the Lord. Draw comfort from the Word and through Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word. Then you will be able to triumph over any adversity.

Grace for Each Moment
Feb 18th

-- OK, today's devotion got me thinking so I did some digging..who are some people in the Bible that overcame adversity. Paul, Jesus Christ, David, Ruth, Esther, Joseph, the Disciples, Job, and the list goes on. Good places to start reading if you need suggestions. is a site that has some verses listed for overcoming adversity. Philippians 4:13 I can do anything through him who gives me strength.

Friday, February 17, 2017

God Has a Plan

Do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. Genesis 45:5

It is often difficult to understand that God is fulfilling His plan in your life, especially when times are tough. When Joseph was sold into slavery, he probably struggled to discern God's will. Nevertheless, many years later, he recognized that God had been with him through it all.

God determines the pattern of your life. In your present circumstances, difficult as they may be, hold on to the assurances that God is busy working out His perfect plan for your life. Life's darkest moments can become a testimony of God's perfect purposes for your life. (Check out Jeremiah 29:11 too)

-- I can attest that when we are in the pit of despair we often raise our eyes to the sky and cry out "Really, Lord, this is for my good?  How? Please just take it all away!" And yes he can and will deliver us from the drugs, alcohol, pornography, depression, horrible habits and more - in His time. I know suffering sucks. Let's face it..who wants to be in pain? But if we never felt that rebuke, would we learn something? In the heat of the moment it is so hard to see this, but when you are lifted out - and you WILL be, God's light will be shining down on you.  And you will see that it was Him who was with you then entire time. You will be able to look back and see the blessings that he sent to you during those times.

Grace for Each Moment

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Do You Truly Believe?

"I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief." Mark 9:24

How solid if your faith? Have you reduced it to outward matters of attending church, singing songs of praise, listening to nice sermons and trying to live a respectable life?

Your faith only becomes reality when the external ceremonies of Christianity become a pulsating and powerful experience in your soul. It becomes a reality when you no longer see yourself as someone defeated by sin because God's Holy Spirit who resides in you, enables you to triumph over all sin.

-- For those in recovery for an addiction (and those who are to overcome other major sins) often go through the exhilarating feeling when we first say enough is enough of our addictions, then accept the Higher power as the key to breaking this addiction. Yes, what an amazing feeling to finally be FREE!!

However, it is so easy to become complacent with our faith and fall back into the trap of relying on ourselves rather than placing our faith in Him. We need to do more than just say yes I am a believer (don't think it's not important though).  But if we are to remain in Him,, we must stay fresh..develop a discipline of meeting with Him in prayer, Bible study, fellowship with other believers to stay positive, share your story with others. 

What can you do today to believe?

Grace for Each Moment