Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Be a Comforter - and I Don't Mean the Blanket Type

They approach and come forward; each helps the other and says to his brother "Be Strong!" Isaiah 41:5-6

Life is NOT an easy journey. We all have our moments where we want to scream, tantrum, cry, lash out because things happen. But if we complain about it - what can be accomplished? Nothing!

There is a reason that 12 Step programs or Celebrate Recovery meetings are so important to a person who is working to overcome an addiction. These people are your brothers and sisters..and they all have the same journey to take as you. And this is where you can get encouragement and acceptance from those who "get it".  This is where you hear the words "Be Strong!"

We all need encouragement in our lives. It's just part of who we are. As children we needed to hear "Good Job" from our parents or "You Can Do It!!"  And as adults it's no different except that we don't have a constant cheerleader to go to as we did as kids.

If you are struggling with an addiction and have not yet attended a Celebrate Recovery meeting or a 12 Step meeting, I strongly encourage you to take that first step. Help, hope and love are just a meeting away.