Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Leaving My Legacy

Wise words being many benefits and hard work brings rewards. Proverbs 12:14

We all have asked the question at some point in my life - "What is my purpose in life?"

Yesterday I wrote about life as a race. And if you think about it..I think life goes by so quickly....too quickly.. like a race. And one day I will be gone. So, to me, the question we might want to be asking is not "What is my purpose in the here and now?" (because the here and now is such a short time) but rather "What legacy do I want to leave behind?" because that is for eternity.

Will people remember what I said or wrote?  Most likely not. But will it inspire a person to take action and affect another person's life?  I could only hope so!  And so I want us to think about how our actions have such long-lasting effects and is what we are doing today making an impact on the tomorrow. And I don't mean changing the world type of impact. But I am a FIRM believer in changing one life at a time. Because that one life will affect another and another and so on.

What is your legacy going to be? Don't know..well figure it out!