Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jesus Loves You..But What Does That Mean

Jesus Loves Me..Umm..yes, I know This. But what does this really mean?

Well, I've heard it said that if Jesus really loved us then he would have totally eliminated hunger, or disease, or sin when he came to earth. But he didn't so how can someone who "picked and choose" who he helped really love us all?

Well, the thing is, yes he could have done all that. And then I believe as a people we would have been in awe - but not enough to change our ways. See, Jesus came to save everyone. But the key here is that we must believe in Him. If you read the Old Testament you will see over and over again that God did save his people..but yet they returned to their broken ways.  And so finally God sent his son Jesus so that we might have an intimate, personal relationship with Him.  Ever notice in life that you are moved to help those you know and you tend to get more involved because it's an intimate relationship, but when it's a mass of people you do a little but then let someone else step up.  Well, here Jesus is asking for that one on one relationship with you.

The thing is - He can get rid of the "ugliness" in your life. As you begin to really cultivate your relationship with Him,  you will see that He will meet YOUR needs exactly as you need them to be met. But not exactly as you want them to be met.  You are loved by Him because He made you - He wants to know you. You just have to let Him.