Monday, May 22, 2017

I Know For Certain Whom I Can Trust

He will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

It is important - no imperative- that you have someone you can trust. And I am speaking especially to those who are just beginning their addiction freedom journey. It's why I believe so much in the premise behind the recoveryBox app along with attending a traditional 12 Step program or a Celebrate Recovery meeting- and having an accountability partner or sponsor who has walked the walk and can talk the talk too. That person WILL be your eyes and ears when you need it most.

I understand that friends and family can us. But let's be honest - trust is a hard thing to gain when we have hurt these people repeatedly because of our addictions. And so, when you have that accountability partner, they will give "it" to you straight when a friend or family member might shy away or just close the door when you are in need most.

BUT, the good thing is that you have someone besides a sponsor or accountability partner.  You have God. Our Lord will NEVER let us down when we seek him.  When you need comfort or guidance or inspiration or love - He will always be there to give that freely.

I find it awesome that besides having someone in the earthly realm to help us fight our addictions, hurts, and hang-ups - that we have someone so powerful in the heavenly realm who "has our back".  We just need to trust.

So when you feel alone or left out - lift your eyes and ask Him for that something special today. Ask him for the love that only our Father can give.