Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pray Continuously..and Listen

Pray Continuously 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I know how hard it is to "make time" to pray but the more I find that time, the more I find my life complete. I stop the searching for that "something" that I just need. Because that something is Jesus.

What is my motive for prayer you ask? Well, it's not to tell him all my burdens (but I do that too), because he already knows. Rather, my motive is to listen to Him and hear what He wants for my life. If we had all the answers, I don't think we would be in recovery for an addiction, right?

The more I pray, the more I see God in my life.  Because again, prayer is listening.  And listening is not always with our ears. We have to listen with our hearts, minds, souls (well, OK and yes ears too).

I find myself guilty of praying less when life is going well.  But then it comes crashing down and I remember I wasn't listening to Him.  And there are many times I have realized if I had been praying I would not have made those mistakes.  Or I would have reached out to someone in need? Why am I so hard headed sometimes?!?

So today, I pray. I'm off to go swimming and I must say it's a time of complete pray (and no I am not saying Lord,, please don't let me drown). But in that time of exercise I quiet my mind and pray for me and those I know.  Try and listen to him today! You can fit in prayer in to your day anywhere and anytime.