Monday, March 27, 2017

The Christian's Deepest Desire

I want to know Christ. Philippians 3:10

To be a Christian means knowing Christ and loving Him dearly. Jesus often taught that it is difficult to live isolated from love.

Love, because of its intrinsic nature, rises above all differences of race, color and denomination. Because love is the determining factor in life, it cannot be confined to the limitations of the human mind and experiences. It must flow from the Christian in order to be seen, to inspire, to heal and to encourage.

From Grace for Each Moment, March 27th

-- This past weekend I heard the phrase "To love is to see the face of God". Let that sink in just a little love someone is to serve them -- as Jesus came to serve the broken, needy, sinners. He came not to serve those who were already honored by man's standards but to serve those that man had discarded. To love God, is to love others. And to see others and serve them in love is to see the face of God.  Oh how I want to see that face over and over again.  Lord, I pray today that you make me strong in my faith so that I may serve others today and get a one to one meeting with you.