Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Sin of Multitasking

Ecclesiastes 4:6 - Better [is] an handful [with] quietness, than both the hands full [with] travail and vexation of spirit.

The Sin of Multitasking - wait that’s a sin?
I thought if I could multitask then it would help me and my family and my business and my relationships with friends and family and my charities I work with and my Bible Studies and my working out and my volunteering in the kids school and my CoDependency journey and ….oh GOOD GRIEF!!
Ok, I think I get what the author was saying. She wrote “if multitasking keeps me from arriving at the best conclusion or investing my best energy in those people and projects that really matter, then my state of constant hum is no longer a positive but a negative. For this reason, I no longer consider this skill and state of mind an attribute, but a character flaw. Actually, I’m beginning to think that my multitasking might even be sinful”.
I really did have to think about this for a while before I got her point. And honestly I see it. I’m really just a body rather than being that asset because I’m overcommitted. I want to be an invested mother and wife and friend. Yup, this makes sense to me..ESP when I think about how being overcommitted and juggling my schedule makes me feel..not so great.
"I’m afraid we often confuse being busy with being fulfilled; we have placed more value on doing more than doing with excellence; and we have aligned our days with being productive rather than living with purpose."
Overcoming CoDependency really has opened my eyes to this. I now have to assess everything I do to see if it aligns with my recovery journey. Sometimes I even have to ask another to help me see if what I’m doing makes sense. And I rather do feel loved that someone can help me sort through my life.

I think that taking each “thing” I want to commit to and evaluate my intentions helps me understand how it fits into my overall life and purpose and in the end whether I should actually undertake something else. Yes, for some things it’s a no brainer - stuff just has to be done because its part of life, but the extra “commitments” must no align with my desires and talents and interests in order to even be considered. Then, I evaluate if I feel it’s part of God’s desire for my life.