Saturday, December 3, 2016

There's a Party In the House

Psalm 65

For the choir director: A song. A psalm of David.

What mighty praise, O God,
    belongs to you in Zion.
We will fulfill our vows to you,
    for you answer our prayers.
    All of us must come to you.
Though we are overwhelmed by our sins,
    you forgive them all.
What joy for those you choose to bring near,
    those who live in your holy courts.
What festivities await us
    inside your holy Temple.

So many of us live with the thought that we can't draw near to God because we are so full of sin. While that is not true, it's hard to wrap our mind around the thought that someone wants to be with us - one so filled with sin.

But King David (who was a sinner too remember) shows us that there is hope - there is joy in drawing near to God. In fact, he writes that there are festivities in the holy temple. It's a party! And nothing is more joyful that a party!

In order to really enjoy the party, we must truly believe that God has fully forgiven our sins and what our conception of this God is. Once you confessed to God your sins, you are forgiven..completely. So I wonder, what do you believe? Is your party filled with joy?