Friday, December 9, 2016

God Has a Plan For You

Do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. Genesis 45:5

It is often difficult to understand that God is fulfilling His plan in your life, especially when times are tough. When Joseph was sold into slavery, he probably struggled to discern God's will. Nevertheless, many years later, he recognized that God had been with him through it all.

God determines the pattern of your life. In your present circumstances, difficult as they may be, hold on to the assurances that God is busy working out His perfect plan for your life. Life's darkest moments can become a testimony of God's perfect purposes for your life. (Check out Jeremiah 29:11 too)

-- I can attest that when we are in the pit of despair we often raise our eyes to the sky and cry out "Really, Lord, this is for my good?  How? Please just take it all away!" And yes he can and will deliver us from the drugs, alcohol, pornography, depression, horrible habits and more - in His time. I know suffering sucks. Let's face it..who wants to be in pain? But if we never felt that rebuke, would we learn something? In the heat of the moment it is so hard to see this, but when you are lifted out - and you WILL be, God's light will be shining down on you.  And you will see that it was Him who was with you then entire time. You will be able to look back and see the blessings that he sent to you during those times.

Grace for Each Moment