Thursday, June 8, 2017

I am Second - Duche Bradley, this one is amazing!

The Story - Duche Bradley

Duche Bradley grew up without his biological father. Anger and loneliness filled the void. As he grew older, these emotions carried him from despondent child to street thug. Machine guns and shotguns, Saran wrapped crack cocaine, and bruised knuckles set the background for his life.
He consoled himself by swearing that though his father left him, he would never leave his son. Never. But as street pedaling drugs turned into a drug enterprise, his lifestyle caught up. A simple traffic stop turned into a gun to his head and a hog tie on the interstate and suddenly Duche Bradley was faced with decades in prison and a lifetime away from his son Bradley. His promise to his son would be broken.

This is an emotionally packed video or a man who so wanted to have the love of his father, but it wasn't there to be found. And so he found other ways to fill that void. Please visit the I am Second Site to watch his video and see an amazing transformation.