Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Planning Our Days

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9

Now this is a good one. I am a planner. I'm getting better at trying to go by the seat of my pants but I used to try and plan for every situation. Then reality struck and my world came crashing down and I realized I was so not in control. Because that is what planning is right? A form of being in control.

And I learned that the more I planned the more I was trying to control a situation that was well, out of my control. Sometimes we need to step back and check our motives for planning so much.
  • Are we planning because we want to prevent failure?
  • Prevent getting hurt?
  • Do we plan because we want to achieve something? 
  • Or maybe because we feel we have to?
The more we plan and see that life doesn't always work out that way the more we should be seeing the signs that "hey, I'm not in control"!

God really is the creator and the ultimate planner. We can decide that we want to do something but let God work out the details. I don't mean say "Let's go to the beach" and then sit down and think your towels and swimsuits and lotion will fly into the car for you. I mean don't plan on every little detail working out just right.

For someone having an addiction, one step is to make amends to those who you hurt or you hurt. Yes, it's OK to plan to talk with them and have planned out what you need to say. But don't try to anticipate their reaction or comments back and then plan on how you will react. That's ridiculous. We all need to learn to cope with life. And life is really a journey with twists and turns and stops unknown until we reach our final destination -  heaven.

Have a great day and - to use a familiar phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff."