Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Am Second - Alex Kendrick

Alex Kendrick - The Story (from I am Second)

(this video is a little long - but well worth the watch..esp starting at minute 7:30)
I can personally say that we did the Love Dare in our marriage during counseling due to our issues with addictions in our lives..and God spoke to us in so many ways. 
Alex Kendrick is living proof that God can use obedient people to accomplish the seemingly impossible. How can he and the pastors of a small Georgia church produce, direct and market one movie-much less four theatrical released films- that keep impacting the lives of millions of people.
In this I am Second film Alex details the incredible story of how God worked to create and distribute the movies. He also reveals how God was convicting him in many of the same areas as the movie topics. His dilemma-if he could be obedient in making movies for God, could he also be obedient in making changes in his life, too?
Movies I recommend watching, Facing the Giants, Fire Proof and Courageous