Tuesday, May 16, 2017

God is always with you

For men are not cast off by The Lord forever. Though He brings grief, He will show compassion. Lamentations 3:31-32

Some of believe we are alone in this world because of our choice to live a life  that revolves around getting that next high. We feel because of this we have no family or friends to turn to. Well, that's often our cloudy mind talking.

Most often we have people we can turn to, but only we can make that choice.

However, we are not alone. God is always with us. He is with us when we disappoint others, or ourself. He will not abandon us because of our poor choice to live a life of addiction.

However, He is waiting too. He is waiting for us to finally accept the life he has for us.

And the pain we feel is self-made due to our choices and God will not magically take it away. Yes, He could. But there are consequences to our actions and sometime we have to live those out in order to really see the big picture.

If you feel alone today, perhaps attend a 12 Step meeting or a Celebrate Recovery meeting in your area. You are not alone on earth either..but it does take courage.