Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Life Is Just Not Fair

Yes life is not fair and to that I say a HUGE "AMEN"!!  Honestly, if life was fair we would not have the salvation of Jesus who died for our sins..and your sins.  Why should the Son of God die for what I did wrong?  That makes no sense.  He did not sin when faced with the same trials that I face.  He made all the right choices.

I'm reading the book of the Life of Pi and I recently got to the chapters when the young boy is introduced to different religions and he remarks about why would a God do this for us?  A strong God give himself up for what we do wrong.  And the answer is simple - because He loves us.  It truly is that simple.

The Bible is full of stories of life's unfair situations and God's resolutions to situations.  He is so clever!  Honestly, we could never weave together such a story and have it all go back to love. But please remember when we think about how unfair life can be, we must remember that salvation, eternal life is not fair.  But rather, it's a gift from God.  And so when I think about how unfair life is I truly can say "Thank you Lord Jesus because I don't deserve it."

Think about all those who have been in the wave of destruction caused by an addict.  Was that fair?  And as the addict works through the steps and makes amends with those we hurt, is that fair that we can be offered forgiveness.  Yes, life is unfair!

I found the following about how life is not's long and so goes above the 5 minute devotion goal that I have set about for those blog, but I recommend reading it.“life-not-fair-praise-god”-matthew-201-16