Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Living a "Faith Life"

Is faith a living reality in your life?
Faith becomes real when you feel that you are triumphant and completely in control of your own life through God's Holy Spirit, which resides in you and enables you to conquer all circumstances.

It is true that salvation is God's liberating deed of grace towards mankind. However, it does not release you from the responsibility to accept Him with both your spirit and your intellect.

Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.

Grace for each Moment

-- being in control of your life doesn't mean that you have recovery licked. I believe it means you take responsibility of your choices. We are all bound to make mistakes - and lots of them. But with faith we can truly believe that God is with us on our recovery journey and has plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not harm us. So celebrate your good choices but don't beat yourself up over your bad ones. Forgive yourself and move on. God doesn't keep score!!