Thursday, February 9, 2017

Believing Without Seeing

Therefore we are always confident. We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinth 5:6-7

When you are facing problems, difficulties or tough decisions, do you trust God sufficiently to put yourself and your future in His hands?

Jesus came to confirm that God loves you unconditionally. His care, help and compassion are unquestionable. You are precious in His sight. Therefore, Christ will not allow anything to harm you.

With this assurance, you can trust God unconditionally in everything. Then you will walk along His path, doing His will.

If you do this, you will experience peace and tranquility of mind. Even if you cannot see the complete road ahead, faith will carry you through.

-- Let's face it, we are creatures that just have a hard time believing without seeing the proof. In fact these days, we as a people are so cynical about just about anything. Think about it..ever see something on facebook and immediately go to snoops to check out if it's real? I do it all the time myself.

However, I don't do that with my faith in God. My life is too important to risk filling my head with bad garbage. When I need to do a litmus test on something, I head on over to the Bible. Following that practice has never failed me. When you hear the devil speaking to you (and yes he does), don't listen to him. Go snoop in the Bible! Are you worried that you might not be reading scripture correctly - ask your pastor, or sponsor, or accountability partner.

Remember we recently talked about how God has a plan for us and it is to do good!  Whatever you are contemplating..taking a quick drink, placing that bet, just taking a look at that Victoria's Secret catalogue...ask yourself if that makes sense with God's good plan for you.

Have a great day!!  Remember to take care of those basic needs to make some good choices today.