Saturday, December 31, 2016

Resolution or Lifestyle?

They know the truth about God because he made it obvious to them. Romans 1:19

If we have negative feelings about God, then we need to look at the reasons behind that..perhaps it's because there are things there we see that we don't want to change, or have tried to change before and just couldn't do it. Ever tried to quit an addiction and just couldn't do it - and then blamed God?! Because, He knew we were trying and didn't make it happen for us, right?

Our fear of failing is often what makes us distance ourselves from God. Emotions come out that perhaps we gave legitimacy to - in reality they were just that, emotions. And by now, I'm hoping we have learned that trusting emotions can be dangerous - and often confusing!

Yes, God does want us to ditch the addiction, or hurt, hang-up or bad habit - but more importantly, God wants to develop a relationship with you (and me). And if we take time to develop and grow that relationship, our ability to deal with our addiction will develop as well. Perhaps you can beat your addiction on your own, or perhaps you need the help of a support system such as meetings and sponsors. God will let you know - not by directly telling you, but by putting things into place that make it "obvious" as Paul writes to the Romans.

Tonight is News Year's Eve - and many of us are deciding what type of resolution we are going to make. I'm not a believer in resolutions because most often we don't follow through with them. Tonight, make the decision to follow Jesus. Let's not make it a resolution - but rather a lifestyle!