Friday, November 11, 2016

Musical Devo - Fernando Ortega - Just As I Am

Let's pray over these words today. Lord, you shed your blood for me not because of who I am but only because of who you are. Thank you Lord Jesus for your unconditional love. Help me become unashamed of my past choices - so that I may never walk in that darkness again. Amen.

Fernando Ortega - Just As I Am

I waited and waited for God
He turned and He heard me
He lifted me out of the mud
His Own Hands They cured me
The Lord is my help
I will not be confounded
So I have focused my face like a flint
I'll not be ashamed
Lord I come

Just as I am
Without one plea
But that Your blood
Was shed for me. 

Take the days that remain in my life
Lord let me serve You
While there is breath on my lips
I would proclaim You
I long for Your return
I long to see You face to face
I long to join the eternal song
Communion of all the saints
Lord I come