Friday, November 18, 2016

Grow In Faith

Many Christians urge fellow believers to, "Just believe!" but it's not always as easy as that, especially when the storm clouds close in around you.

Fortunately, through the grace of God it is easy to develop a mature and sincere faith. Recall an incident in your life when something out of the ordinary happened and thank God for it. It might not be something big or significant, but when you recall the incident it strengthens your faith in a wonderful way.

Make a habit of remembering small answers to prayer, and your faith will gradually grow to the extent where you will receive bigger revelations from God. Immediately the boy's father exclaimed 'I do believe. Help me overcome  my unbelief!". Mark 9:24

-- When an addict decides to stop the insane life that revolves around that next hit, or drink, or whatever the addiction is, hopefully it is a decision to be kept for life.  Staying in a 12 step program or Celebrate Recovery will help maintain that sober life because of clinging to God. Yes, I know it's hard to say 'Well, where was He all those times I cried out and nothing happened?'  Goodness knows we all have a million of those types of questions. But as the author points out, believe in the little things and you will begin to have eyes that are able to perceive the bigger things that God does for us each day.

I find for me, counting my blessings each day makes a huge difference.  I used to have a small list that started with thank you for the sun today, my kids, my husband to later much more mature thoughts such as thank you for opening my eyes to the unhealthy relationship that I needed to severe, etc.

It takes time but it is worth it!

Grace For Each Moment