Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Come Eat

I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty. John 6:35

In order to survive in life we must eat and drink. Our body depends on it for existence. Food is essentia because it provides nourishment for our bodies. Ever notice that when you don't eat you get headaches , cranky, sometimes the shakes, you can't think straight, your stomach hurts - and often not eating properly is a trigger to acting out. It's why eating properly is one of the green lights in recoveryBox and why it's actually a G1 light - because without eating and nourishing your body you can't make good decisions.

Just as you need actual food for nourishment for your physical body, so do you need a food for your spiritual body. That spiritual food is important for your existence here on earth but it's also needed for your existence for eternity.  We must make sure that we maintain a continual conversation with God through prayer, reading scripture, studies of the Bible, etc so that when we need reserves in dark times our spiritual body is filled up. It doesn't happen overnight and takes deliberate choices to eat this type of food. These type of spiritual food is also considered green lights in recoveryBox.  Just like eating well to maintain our bodies is a good habit, so is eating of spiritual food - both are good habits to break addictions.

There is a difference though about this type of food. Whereas physical food only lasts a few hours and we need to eat again soon - spiritual food does not leave you feeling empty or thirsty. Infact, it leaves you feeling full. So full that you will crave more! Huh?!? When you don't eat physical food your body tells you to eat more by those feelings of hunger and it doesn't feel good. But spiritual food makes you feel wonderful inside because it's truth. And as you fill on truth you will desire to have more and more and it doesn't leave you with bad feelings. When is the last time you could eat anything you wanted and not get fat???  I'm so glad that Jesus is my daily bread and that His Word sets me free.